No tricks, please!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick or Trick.”

It can be really easy to scare me I guess, since I live by myself I have avoided horror films altogether, I can’t even watch American Horror Story!, and I used to get very excited with every new episode coming out. If my neighbors wanted to scare me they have got it really easy, our windows are quite close. Through my kitchen window I can see myself in the mirror of their closet when I go to get some water in the middle of the night, which I find really creepy. I look at my self in that mirror and I know its me but my mind starts wandering and I remember scenes from certain horror films I have watched in the past and I think “thank God I haven’t watch any scary movies lately or wouldn’t be able to sleep”, I tell myself not to look at that mirror again, if they would want to scare me all they need to do is jump out nowhere and yell something in the darkness of their bedroom.

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